• Install USD

    Earn up to $5 per install by monetizing your website with downloads. Just Start converting your downloads into money.
  • Specialty

    We have a dynamic system. Our codes don’t call the domain of ad code that we give you. So, there is very little change to red error (block BY Chrome), as well as internally, our system is so strong with variations.
  • Publishers

    Publisher is everything for us, we don’t want to lose our Publisher, we will always make a strong relation.

What is Install USD?

Install USD is a platform where webmasters can promote their websites. We allow pc games, warez content, software, torrent and games Downloadable content with best rates and promises to safety from any blockage. We have fantastic rates and stability. We compromise with our publisher to make a healthy relationship.


  • What is Install USD?
    Install USD is a Trending ad network in pay per install industry. We promise to give rates overall with our dynamic system.
  • How to start?
    Register here and notify here in our assistant manager skype jamshad74hashmi or mail us admin@installusd.com us. after a chat, approved your account and enjoy the rates () of your profile on our network by using the signup button at the top menu.
  • Compensation
    compensation can be applied to positives demands
  • Does our ads are safe?
    Yes, Yes, our ads are so safe according to another network, we are also expert of how to revoke the red pages from Chrome. even after that it may occur, then we promise to compensate 😉.
  • Let us approve and get 10 USD Bonus?
    Yes we do, We are proud to work with you. Let’s make a rock with each other.
  • What is the payment cycle?
    We can pay daily, weekly and monthly basis on your request even we pay advance in our trusted publishers.
  • What is the minimum amount for payout?
    The minimum amount is $20. But be sure you have the gateway that supports 20 USD.
  • What are the payment methods available?
    All major payment gateways are supported like Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney, BTC, LTC and others.